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Pickett Pelouze House George Pickett, the General's grandfather, built this magnificent home at 720 East Marshall Street (the northwestern corner of Eighth and Marshall Streets) in Richmond in 1810. Several years after his death, the house was sold to Daniel Call, a prominent Richmond attorney. It was demolished in 1935.


General George Pickett (the General's grandfather) Margaret Sanderson Pickett Robert Pickett, the General's father
George Pickett (c. 1752-1821), grandfather of General George E. Pickett. The elder Pickett served in the 2nd Virginia State Regiment during the Revolutionary War. Margaret Sanderson Pickett, grandmother of General Pickett, married George Pickett during 1789. Robert Pickett (1800-1856), General Pickett's father, was elected a member of the Richmond Light Artillery Blues July 4, 1817. General Pickett commanded his father's former unit, which fought as the 1st Virginia Infantry, Company E, at Gettysburg in 1863.

Mary Johnston Pickett Margaret Pickett Heth Olivia Johnston
Mary Johnston married Robert Pickett June 19, 1823. Mary's father and Robert's father were business partners (Pickett, Pollard and Johnston) in Richmond. Their children were born at the home of her parents on the north side of Main Street between 11th and 12th Streets. (Image courtesy of Beverley Pickett Kirchmier.) Margaret L. Pickett Heth (1801-1850), daughter of George and Margaret Pickett, married John Heth May 15, 1822. She was General Pickett's aunt. Her son, General Harry Heth, was General Pickett's first cousin. Olivia Johnston, the younger sister of Mary Johnston Pickett, was 16 when George E. Pickett was born. The two remained very close until General Pickett's death.


Pickett - 8th U.S. Infantry Major Charles F. Pickett Major Charles F. Pickett circa 1890
1st Lieutenant George E. Pickett, 8th U.S. Infantry. Note the similarity to younger brother Charles (pictured at right). Major Charles F. Pickett, the General's brother Major Charles F. Pickett circa 1890 when he was Secretary of Norfolk's Business Men's Association and agent for Holloway Chemical Engines.


Sally Minge Pickett   Lt. George E. Pickett married Miss Sally Harrison Steward Minge at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Margaret Minge Wilkins, January 28, 1851, in Attakapas, La. Miss Minge was the daughter of Dr. John Minge and Mary Griffin Adams Minge of Weyanoke Plantation near Richmond. Both families considered the match a suitable one. The marriage ended with her untimely death.


George Pickett, Jr., and David Corbell Pickett, c. 1870 George Pickett, Jr., and his mother George Pickett, Jr.
Brothers George E. Pickett, Jr. and David Corbell Pickett (George's sons by Sallie Corbell Pickett), circa 1870. Sallie Corbell Pickett and her son, George Edward Pickett, Jr.. circa 1877. (Image courtesy of Billie Earnest.) George Edward Pickett, Jr., graduated from Virginia Military Institute in 1883 at the age of 19. He served in the Spanish American War. Major Pickett died at sea in 1911 on board an Army transport enroute to the United States from the Philippine Islands.

George E. Pickett, Jr., and his mother

In 1910, George, Jr., and Sallie posed for this picture. As Major Pickett matured, he favored his father.

Major George Pickett's family stayed with him while he was stationed in the Philippines. (L-R) George E. Pickett III, Major Pickett, Christiancy Pickett.

Major George Pickett and family in the Philippines Ida Christiancy Pickett

According to family lore, Mrs. George E. (Ida Christiancy) Pickett, Jr., and "Dear Mother" (her husband's mother) were not particularly close.
Sallie at the start of her speaking career     Sallie in 1910     (LEFT) Sallie Ann (LaSalle) Corbell Pickett was a gifted speaker and writer, both talents that earned money for the young widow and her son after the death of Gen. George E. Pickett in 1875. Here she poses for a publicity photo taken during her early years as an author and narrator.

(RIGHT) Mrs. Pickett wrote and spoke about the Battles of Gettysburg and the Monitor and the Merrimac, famous people she had met, stories of her youth in Nansemond County, Virginia and numerous other topics. This image was made after 1910 near the time she stopped touring as a speaker.


James Tilton Pickett

James Tilton Pickett (1857-1889) was the first child of General George E. Pickett to survive into adulthood. His mother, a Native American, married then-Captain Pickett when he was stationed in the Washington Territory.

    Pickett sketch of Mount Rainier

Jimmie Pickett sketched Mount Rainier from Steilacoom Plains, Washington during 1881. Steilacoom Plains is on Puget Sound.


Henry Clay Pickett, Jr., and Charles Pickett III

Major Charles F. Pickett's grandsons, Charles III and Henry Clay Pickett, Jr., in New York City's Washington Square, circa 1903. (Photograph courtesy of Beverley Pickett Kirchmier.)

  John Smith Pickett

Major Charles Pickett's eldest son, John Smith Pickett (circa 1890). (Photograph courtesy of Beverley Pickett Kirchmier.)

  Edward Watts Pickett and Edward Watts Pickett, Jr.

Major Charles Pickett's grandson, Edward Watts Pickett, holds his son Edward Watts Pickett, Jr., at their Fairfax, Va., home in 1936. (Photograph courtesy of Leigh Ann Pickett Sullivan.)

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